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Core Activities

Core Activities

Learning and Teaching Modules

The TsamaHUB is responsible for the coordination, design and implementation of a number of conceptual and methodological modules that will aim to build a shared set of epistemological, ontological and methodological perspectives rooted in the complexity approach. This involves coordinating the substantial inter-, multi- and transdisciplinary expertise within the University and external expertise to be utilized under the auspices of the relevant academic departments of the University.

Transdisciplinary Research

In collaboration with its academic and non-academic stake-holders, the TsamaHUB pursues and coordinates solution-oriented research projects that expands our knowledge base that supports transdisciplinary research and praxis in the areas of complexity, sustainability and sustainable development.

Community Interaction

The PhD Programme takes advantage of being situated in the Reinventing Sustainable Stellenbosch” project. This science in society initiative is driven by the collaborative efforts of Stellenbosch University (SU), Stellenbosch Municipality (SM) and Sustainability Institute (SI) that provides students with an opportunity to engage with real-world sustainability problems in a real-life learning environment.

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